Recovery Time:how much do you have?

Today, I am talking about "recovery" from big events, even big good events. Do you need recovery from big events?  Big family events?  I do.  This may be because I have an "introvert" streak in me.  Big events with lots of people leave me drained, exhausted.  I love the events, but I need to take time to recharge afterwards.

I have decided that I need to start to purposefully plan "recovery time" into my life. 

Last weekend, I had 35 professional women leaders over to my house for an event. So many people to relate to!  So many high energy people to be "on" for!  I loved it.  People are still posting on social media about it, and sending me emails about how happy the event made them.  And we had beautiful weather.  By the way, I served no alcohol.  I made some fabulous home-made drinks (thanks everyone for the recipes!).

I couldn't have been happier....except that the next day, I had more commitments. I found myself feeling resentful.  I just wanted to stay home in my pajamas all day, with the newspaper! 

I was able to explain all this, and my grouchiness, to my husband. This made all the difference.  After all, he is not a mindreader and he did not understand why I could be irritable for no apparent reason.

I am looking ahead at my schedule and thinking mindfully about it.  I am going to plan "me time" or "recovery time" for after big events.  Like a graduation event coming up.

What does "me time" look like for you?  Are you willing to plan in advance so you have plenty of it?  How do you spend your me time?  Lately, I have spent it gardening and sipping tea, looking out over the springtime, which is blooming here, outside my window.

Blessings, all.



  1. I really understand this.
    I am exactly the same way. I need rest time, alone time or with hubs, after any big event.
    I think I am an extroverted introvert. Or a introverted extrovert!

  2. You know, I continue to 'recover' from my parent's divorce and the fallout and all. I think I'll always be seeing that in new ways.


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