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Anthony Bourdain

So many of us have been crushed by Anthony Bourdain's death. Bourdain had a way of asking people simple questions, and getting them to show their souls. He did this with people across cultural lines, around the world. And he brought these people and cultures into our homes. We felt we understood them, whether they were from Bali or Buenos Aires. Bourdain appeared kind, sensitive, open and raw. And he had swagger, let's admit it!  A treasure.  We knew he was vulnerable because he showed his vulnerability in everything he did, including his loving of other people. I want to honor Bourdain for all that he gave the world, I want to honor and remember his unusual gifts, his soul. I don't want him to be remembered just for his last sad days, and the end, which hurts all of us who cared for him, even us who were just fans. Yet, I am pulled into the story of his death. I have searched the internet for clues and details. I have struggled to understand. His death has triggered me

Kate Spade

Glad you are not a public figure? Me too. When I die, I don't believe my secrets will be blasted around the world by spiteful relatives or those looking for monetary gain. But let us take what we can from her death, for today we live on. Beloved Kate Spade. Sisters can be cruel. (I have several). Her sister chose to speak to the press, asserting that Kate suffered with both untreated bipolar disorder and an alcohol abuse problem. No assertion that Kate had been diagnosed as bipolar (a difficult and controversial diagnosis, by the way). And who doesn't have an alcohol abuse problem? At least half of my friends do, if using alcohol to self-medicate anxiety and a hard day at work counts. Thanks for the sistah love... not. Kate's husband now says she battled anxiety and depression but did not have a drug or alcohol abuse problem.  It is good that he spoke out and did not remain silent, but in the end, what difference does it make? The lesson from Kate's death is that