Life on the Wagon: the Quest for Peace

Hello, friends. Last weekend, my husband and I attended a fundraiser ball. The entrance fee included two drink tickets. Guess what? Non-alcoholic drinks don't count! So, my husband could have had four drinks for "free", using my two tickets. Of course, one and a half was enough for him, for the whole night, but that's just him!

There is actually no real problem at these kinds of events, because you saddle right up to the bar and watch the bartenders make your drink! Much better than at a restaurant, where you must trust the bartender to make the drink you want (see my earlier post - Rage: I Drank Alcohol!).

I looked at the options set out before me and picked a sugary drink to start: tonic water with grapefruit juice. "You sure you don't mean seltzer or soda water with grapefruit juice," the bartender asked. Yup, I said. It was delicious. I switched to seltzer and lime later in the evening.

Later, as I surveyed the dance floor, I did think that perhaps it is an easier "entry" if you have been drinking...Yes, a couple of drinks and you really feel compelled to act a little silly, perhaps....Without any drinks, it is a choice. Hey: I chose to dance!

I ended up winning a door prize, and being filmed in front of everyone as I got it. I admit, I was dressed to the nines and felt pretty darn good. "Would you like to say a few words?" asked the MC. No thanks, I said. LOL, I usually have plenty to say. Just wanted to get back to enjoying my evening with my husband. Some friends from church were there too and we found a spot to sit together, companionably, while others danced.

We left around 10:30. Not once did I think about the fact that I had a booze free evening.

I am going to sign off for now, until something new comes along to say about the booze.  Most of my thoughts now are going in a spiritual direction, as Easter approaches. I recently have been thinking about this:

Are you living a life where your beliefs are lined up with your actions? Whether you are an atheist or a Catholic, or something else, are your beliefs in sync with your actions? If the answer is yes, you are living an authentic life.

We only have one life: I want to be authentic.

A life that is authentic is where we live according to our beliefs, that is, we live with intentionality, mindfulness, and reflection.  We sometimes screw up, but we return and apologize when we do. A life where our beliefs are so well-thought out, that we have the courage to live according to them.

I deserve an authentic life: do you? Of course you do.

An authentic, belief-based life is a path to lasting happiness.  Lasting happiness is peace. Peace that withstands the ups and downs of life; the good times and the bad times. Peace that sustains and renews us.

Not the quick "high" but the lasting peace.

Ah, you may say, I don't have the "head space" to think that through. I am too busy with my kids, too busy with my work, too busy with my aged parents, too busy with my own aches and pains and struggles in life.

Hmm.  Perhaps we would benefit from reversing the priorities: perhaps, with all that is going on in our lives, we can't afford to short-change this most important quest.

Are you living an authentic life?




  1. What a wonderful description of your evening - and now I want to try tonic an grapefruit juice!

    1. Hi Mrs Sobers! It is early in the morning here on the East Coast of the USA: it must be evening where you are!! Cheers...

    2. It was! And evening for you now and morning for me. I'm in the delightfully named Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Thank you for visiting me - I'm adding you to my blog list so I can check back in.

  2. I am now living my values, as I wasn't always doing that when I was drinking. It feels good!


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